Friday, December 4, 2015

No page likes in Facebook? Get used to visits! / Nuk keni me pelqime ne Facebook? Mesohuni me vizitat ne faqe.

Probably you have noticed that Facebook has changed its insights, from page likes to page visits. It is also to adapt to user behavior. Nowadays, we hesitate to do like for everything we see and our behavior has changed. Back in June, we were more willing to like pages and posts, but with so many pages and posts that we come across daily, we choose to lay back navigating and not taking any action.
Fan Page managers used to measure their page success through number of likes, which is indeed a real indicator of progress. But Facebook do no longer report number of new likes, because as a matter of fact, number of likes in some cases are decreasing or stagnant, It's a strategy not to delude page managers  so 'the smart" Facebook reports now only page visits,  total reach, and even message response rate, to make page managers work harder for more engagement in their pages.

Ndoshta e keni vene re qe  Facebook ka ndryshuar statistikat e tij per faqet, dhe nuk jep me Likes (pelqimet), por vizitat ne faqe. Kjo behet dhe per t'iu pershtatur sjelljes se vizitoreve. tashme ne hezitojme te bejme like per faqet dhe postimet qe shohim dhe sjellja jone ka ndryshuar. Para pothuaj 6 muajsh, ne qershor, ne benim me pelqenim me shume postime dhe faqe, por me kaq shume faqe dhe postime qe na dalin perpara, thjesht zgjedhim te zmbrapsemi dhe te  vezhgojme, por pa ndermarre ndonje veprim konkret.

Menaxheret e faqeve ne facebook ishin mesuar te masnin numrin e pelqimeve, qe per hir te se vertetes eshte indikator progresi i prekshem. Por Facebook nuk e raporton me kete, sepse nuk ka c'te raportoje, numri i likes mund te jete duke zbritur ose qendron ne vend.  Eshte nje strategji qe te mos zhgenjeje dhe menaxheret e faqeve, keshtu Facebook "i zgjuar" raporton tashme vizitat ne faqe, shikimet e postimit ne total dhe tashme dhe pergjigjen ndaj mesazheve, qe t'i beje menaxheret te punojme me shume, per me shume angazhim.


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